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Arizona State Bird
White-Crowned SparrowVerdinBlack-throated SparrowNorthern MockingbirdHouse FinchFemale PyrrhuloxiaPyrrhuloxiaPyrrhuloxiaVermilion FlycatcherAsh-throated FlycatcherLucy's WarblerAsh-throated FlycatcherWhite-winged DovePyrrhuloxiaPyrrhuloxiaWhite-winged DovePhainopeplaLesser GoldfinchPyrrhuloxiaWhite-winged Dove

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Really nice work!
Katrina West(non-registered)
Laura, these images are just beautiful. I am going to share a link to your website on my artist fan page on Facebook, Katrina West Artist. I am so impressed and it was such a pleasure meeting you today.
WoodSong Nature Photography
a fine collection of avian images Laura.. they all make me so very homesick for the desert. :)
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