Kathleen Barnes(non-registered)
So happy to have found your site. You have captured some delightful and expressive images! Beautifully done. My husband fell in love with your Audubon cover from Jan 2011. He kept it near on his desk for years. When he became seriously ill and, essentially, a 3 year resident of our local VA hospital, I somehow found you through Audubon. I was unaware of your professional website at the time. Overjoyed to find you, I requested that print for him, which you sent rapidly and generously. My husband had that framed image on his hospital wall for the entire long journey right till the end. It made us both happy, I have it now. I can not thank you enough for your kindness and your beautiful image. And now I can thank you for your many other beautiful images. I look forward to returning to your website often!
Terri Martin(non-registered)
What beautiful work! I am in awe of you talent.
Mary Anne Lisney(non-registered)
Bravo! Wonderful photos and especially the charm you managed to capture in your avian subjects. My husband was a wonderful photographer who practiced for 70 years. He loved being in Tucson with the birds for subjects and I know he would have loved seeing your studies. Congratulations!
Bill Brennan(non-registered)
Laura, your photos are excellent. Congratulations on your well deserved awards. Best wishes for continued success.

Bill Brennan
Highlands Ranch, CO
Laura, So impressive. Wow, Wow.

Do you have a FB page? I would love to friend you.
It is a nice guestbook where people are doing nice and useful discussions. I like the background color of this website very much as it makes it more user friendly.
Riaz Basra(non-registered)
Thanks for the nice post. I have shared this post with my friends also. They all liked it very much.
Thanks for the nice and wonderful website. i have seen many websites with guestbooks but this one is the best. i will also share it with my friends.
Liza K(non-registered)
Laura is amazing... you are doing a great job :)

Your Friend

I guess, macro is your specialty and to be truthful, you are so good at it. Among your photos that are shared in the site, the one I liked the most is of that window on a blue color painted wall.
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